TOP 10 Apps for Buying Instagram Followers

TOP 10 Apps for Buying Instagram Followers

InstaGrowing Editor

Updated 12.09.2019

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks all over the world, which makes it a great environment for promoting any business. To achieve the desired result, there are a lot of different apps for both APK and iOS, helping to boost online presence and get high-quality followers.

Here is a list of 10 apps where you can buy followers app for Instagram:  


It is a reliable and well-known website that provide users with the opportunity to grow the number of Instagram followers through its application in the shortest possible time. Being a multipurpose service, for personal and professional needs, it represents the go-to tool when you seek to reach real people and receive high results.
There are several benefits of using InstaGrowing:

  • 30-day guarantee according to which you can estimate the quality of service and the work of the company. Also,
  •  It allows you to save a lot of money. This happens because you won`t have to dedicate extra time for attracting followers with the aid of traditional methods.
  • You can grow your number of followers in a fast, effective and reliable way. Moreover,
  • Your target audience will be reached quickly, while the boost in interest from standard users will be easily observed.
  • You can order Instagram followers from InstaGrowing by opting from a wide range of service packages that are both affordable and helpful.

But the most impressive thing about InstaGrowing is that they come with more than 7 years of experience in regards to aiding people or companies to boost their online presence on Instagram. Mostly, by buying Instagram followers from this provider you can better your professional image due to the notable rise in traffic. Also, with the aid of their customer service team, you can even tailor the package you are purchasing depending on your needs.

InstaGrowing is great for receiving quickly social signals, as this platform offers personalized packages depending on what you are interested in growing on your Instagram: your followers pool, likes, views or even auto likes. Moreover, with a money-back guarantee, it is recommended by several customers who state they experience immediate growth in their account`s engagement data.


Instamacro is a special website where people can buy Instagram followers app, which will help to promote any Instagram account. This online tool specially designed to make it easier for people or businesses to attract new followers on Instagram. The main advantages of using Instamacro include the fact that:

  • you are not required to download anything, while you can still access full control over a range of actions via their platform.
  • you can get access to a 5-hour trial to decide whether or not this is a suitable service for you. Instamacro is a follower and liker service, priding itself as the fastest automatic service.

Also, a great thing about it is that their prices are visible, just so you can make an accurate idea of how much they will cost you. Another good thing worth taking into account is their detailed help page. This shares with its users or potential customers all additional information one might need.


It is a user-friendly app to buy followers on Instagram. It is especially great for those who aim to become influencers with millions of followers on Instagram. What makes this online service stand out is that it provides its customers with the opportunity to opt for customized packaged that focus on either gaining likes or followers. Also, a VIP package is available for brands with tailored services. This service is all about gaining real followers just so you can better your influencer presence on Instagram. Amongst its customized packages, you will find 3 main services.

The Moderate Growth for followers concentrates on redirecting followers to your account. The Moderate Growth for Likes is all about getting more and more appreciation for your post. The VIP services for brands are versatile and can be designed depending on a brand`s vision and approach.

Followers Pumper

Followers Pumper is an Android application meant to boost your pool of Followers in an Instagram account. Mostly, its name says it all. It is an app to buy Followers on Instagram, but it is slightly distinct than other services on the market.

This Android app offers the best trend and ideas suggestion of popular hashtags. With those suggestions in mind, you can design your posts in such a manner that you will naturally generate either more likes or followers. Hence, for a significant boost on your account`s activity, it might be a great idea to buy followers for your Instagram account from Followers Pumper.


Followers+ for Instagram is designed to make your online presence much easier. This app is all about following your social networking status concerning your followers. By using this service, you will get access to in-depth information about how many followers you gained or you lost. Also, you can even identify which follower is the worst or the best and many more. This is one of the best apps for buying Instagram likes or followers, as it can suggest the average likes per frame value or photo. Mostly, this app is about revealing accurate info that can be used to boost your follower`s pool.

Followers Pro For Instagram

Followers Pro is an intuitive service meant to allow you rapid gain of followers on Instagram. It is available on both iOS and Android devices and it represents an advanced version of the Followers+.

It comes with similar features such as tracking analytics or followers that like or dislike your content. But additionally, you can opt for buying a premium package for Instagram followers. This gets you access to even more analytics data and suggestions regarding how to gain more and more attention for your account.

Boost My Followers

represents one of the top-rated services for buying Instagram likes or Followers. With real accounts that will be redirected towards yours, you will gain authentic organic traffic.

Mostly, this is an online service that permits you to skyrocket the traffic of your account that ultimately will increase your Follower`s numbers. The principle on which it functions is simple: the app makes recommendations to users who appear to be interested in similar topics such as your account.

Get Followers

Viewed as an Instagram assistant application. This service is helpful for instantly boosting your followers. Use Get Followers Instagram app to increase your account`s visibility across social media. It sends you a couple of free tips on how to manage your account and access those people that are interested in the type of content you are sharing. The interesting thing about this app is that it offers you app credit coins for each profile that you follow. These coins can be used for getting followers for your account.

The Genuine Likes app

It is viewed as a Like Guru in the world of applications. It is a top-notch Instagram Likes buying service, getting its users to access to real and useful Likes or Followers. Its purpose is to boost your account with organic and authentic likes, just so you can easily improve your analytics. Also, it is the go-to app if you want to promote a brand digitally because you won`t receive fake likes. The Genuine Likes app is suitable for almost any type of content, as its algorithm allows easy access to those people that constantly interact with similar interests as yours.


Another good app to get Instagram followers fast and free. The application is available only for Android users. In order to download the application you need to go to the official website.

No matter what your goals are, with these top 10 apps for buying Instagram Followers you will boost for sure your account`s activity. They feature a bundle of engagement packages with various social signals for wither your entire profile or particular posts. Followers, likes, comments or hashtags, all will increase your visibility and highlight your account as the best and most useful for a specific interest pool. It was never easier to create and grow an Instagram account!


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