Social networks are no longer just a means of communication and keeping in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. In a way, social networks represent our personality and visualizing us in the virtual world. This is especially true for Instagram. This app has entered into many spheres of our lives. Nowadays, for some users, Instagram is a tool for implementing creative ideas, and personal profiles look like incredibly beautiful photo albums; or the app is used as a personal, illustrated blog for sharing

thoughts and ideas. For photographers, models and video makers, their profiles on Instagram become business cards and portfolios. Some people use it as a tool for business, while others use it to show their daily lives. Still, others use it for a combination of all these things together. Share with us what your personal profile in social networks means for you, especially on Instagram, and you will be eligible for a $500 scholarship.


You have a chance to win a $500 cash prize (or via PayPal). The winner will be featured on our website on this same page, social media, and other press platforms.

Mark Brown
Columbia University in the City of New York
Melisa Jones
Queen’s University of Belfast

What You Should Do:

The distribution of themes is conditional, you are able to choose any topic mentioned above or choose your own, corresponding to the general idea of the scholarship.

We will be very pleased to receive an article or essay that sets out your vision about the impact of social networks, especially the Instagram app, on different areas of life.
Students in the area of arts – it is desirable to write about your own experience of using social networks as an instrument for implementing your creative ideas and projects.
Students in medical and social areas — it is desirable to reveal the issue of the impact of social networks on the development and life of young people, as well as describe the advantages and disadvantages of this impact. If you are considering a problem in an article or essay, you must provide possible ways to resolve it.
Students in business, economic and marketing areas – it is desirable to write about the features of Internet marketing and doing business based on Instagram.

Requirements to Work

The student must be able to:

  • Formulate and articulate a position in writing.
  • Argue point in an organized and logical manner.
  • Justify point of view.

How will we check the works?

We will take into account the uniqueness of your work, its literacy, creativity in choosing the theme and the depth of your reflection.
For check plagiarism level we use free tools such as or

Eligibility Criteria

This scholarship is for students that are currently enrolled in colleges, universities or high schools in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and Canada.
Both graduates and undergraduates are eligible for this scholarship.

How to Apply

Please write to us at scholarship form until the deadline – 11/15/2019. If we receive your essay after, it will not be considered. Also, your e-mail must contain the following information:

Personal details (first and last name, phone, and address).
School name, area of study.
Copy of any document which can prove that you are currently a student.
Essay or article as attached a Word document with a .doc file.

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