Most used Instagram hashtags

Most used Instagram hashtags

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Updated 14.01.2019

Instagram is the perfect platform for developing your own business and starting its active promotion. Many entrepreneurs and business owners enjoyed the benefits of Instagram by attracting an increasing number of customers with the right strategy. So, whether you just started your own business or already run one, you should try to use Instagram as a practical and highly effective.
You can easily use it to your advantage and achieve your goals even faster than with other social platforms.

Benefits of using Instagram for promotion

With Instagram, you can:

  • significantly improve the processes of running your business,
  • better work out your marketing strategy,
  • actively promote your brand, making it more visible,
  • expand the base of your clients and attract the attention of potential partners and investors,
  • increase your traffic and profits.

In order to get the desired result in the shortest possible time, you must carefully work out your promotion system, devoting special attention and an important role to hashtags.
Thanks to the correct hashtags, you can globally expand your reach and gain high authority and user confidence in your brand. This very painstaking process begins with the selection of effective hashtags. Even the most experienced social networks users should make every effort to build the right resource base of hashtags.

Therefore, knowing the complexity of the situation, we created this article, which will help you comprehend everything and not lose your valuable time.

With this article you can better understand how Instagram hashtags work and find the most popular hashtags that will help you get more likes and followers.

Instagram hashtags to get followers

With the proper use of hashtags, everybody can naturally increase the number of followers. However,  you should not put the goal of obtaining a huge number of followers, it is way better to focus on the quality of communication with them. You want to get new customers and make your brand more recognizable, and not just increase the number of followers, don’t you?

Often, users forget about why they are doing everything and focus on indicators of popularity. Although in reality, it is nothing more than just numbers that carry no value. Your task is to create a strong social presence and build confidence in your brand. In turn, this will lead to new profits and attract investors. Thus, hashtags for followers should maximize display your activities, demonstrating all the positive aspects and benefits of your brand.

With the help of such simple manipulations, you can build a strong relationship with your audience, showing that you really appreciate each follower.

Most often, in order to attract the attention of the audience, companies use branded hashtags and content that are as focused as possible on the basic requests and interests of users. Moreover, to achieve high performance, it is recommended to use hashtags that control participation and actions. This may be a competition or a raffle, in which the main gifts and prizes will be goods or services from your brand. Everyone loves interesting contests if they have attractive prizes.

So give the freedom to your imagination and act!

Instagram hashtags for discoverability

Instagram hashtags make it possible to make the brand more visible and open it to a large audience. They are necessary so that the platform can provide your publications to users who are interested in them quickly and easily. This is due to the classification for which hashtags are responsible. In other words, by placing a certain hashtag, you place your post in a certain class of user interest.
Thus, if you want everything to be as streamlined as possible and your publications get high interest, you should always use hashtags that:

  • perfectly describe your brand,
  • give an in-depth description of your activities,
  • fall under the interest of your target audience.

The more accurately you can use hashtags that are great for your kind of business, the more attention you can get.

  1. Platform statistics is such that about 70% of the content, even the most useful, interesting and high-quality, can remain in the shadows, as users do not use hashtags, or incorrectly select them.
  2. Hashtags are a kind of indicators that guide users who are looking for something to those who have something to offer.
  3. Using hashtags increases brand awareness and improves its detectability.

In addition, in order to get the highest possible effect, brands should always use actual hashtags that are popular with the audience. Moreover, inserting keywords into the text, it is recommended to highlight them with a hashtag. This will help make your publication more accessible and highly visible when searching.

How to find the best hashtags?

Taking in mind the main advantages and reasons for which you need to use hashtags, it is time to move on to how you can find the best hashtags and which ones are best for you?

The search and selection process requires attention and time, but you can be sure that all your efforts will be justified by your popularity, expansion of your customer base and high brand awareness. First, you need to determine your target audience and explore user interests in your niche in more detail.

In addition, it is recommended to give preference to more narrowly shaped hashtags than to those that are very popular. The high popularity of the hashtag entails high competition in a particular segment.

While strengthening your status and earning user attention and encouragement, use the most relevant hashtags for your business. You need to have a strategic and logical approach to using hashtags, as this is an important part of your success.

There are a few tips that will help you find the right working hashtags that will make your brand popular:

1. Explore the interests of your target audience
By adding a popular hashtag, you risk getting lost in the vast majority of other publications that use the same one. Take time to find out more details of what the users, in whose attention you are interested, are looking for. Slowly but constantly, you will increase your chances of success and an accurate hit on using the correct hashtags.

2. Explore the pages of competitors
After carefully examining your competitors, you can put together an overall picture of which hashtags they often use, as well as which of them are very successful. Of course, you do not need to take and copy all the same hashtags that your competitors have. This is necessary so that you can create a presentation on how your publications should look like in order to receive user attention.

3. Explore profiles of powerful users
Instagram influencers are users who have already reached certain heights and have a great social presence. The study of such pages will form the right strategy that will help you achieve the desired result. Find a few Instagram influencers who are directly related to your niche and analyze their posts. Thus, you can select hashtags that bring high activity and use some tricks.

4. Use additional tools
On the Internet, there are many tools, which will greatly facilitate your life and help increase your social activity. Therefore, do not be afraid to use them. They will help you find the most appropriate hashtags for your business and generate the selection of relevant hashtags based on your basic ones.

List of 100 best Instagram hashtags for likes

Below you will find a list of the 100 most popular hashtags that we have compiled to facilitate your efforts:

    1. #art
    2. #amazing
    3. #baby
    4. #beach
    5. #beautiful
    6. #beauty
    7. #bestoftheday
    8. #black
    9. #blackandwhite
    10. #blue
    11. #cat
    12. #christmas
    13. #cool
    14. #cute
    15. #design
    16. #dog
    17. #drawing
    18. #f4f
    19. #family
    20. #fashion
    21. #fit
    22. #fitness
    23. #flowers
    24. #follow
    25. #follow4follow
    26. #followforfollow
    27. #followme
    28. #food
    29. #foodporn
    30. #friends
    31. #fun
    32. #funny
    33. #girl
    34. #girls
    35. #goodmorning
    36. #gym
    37. #hair
    38. #handmade
    39. #happy
    40. #healthy
    41. #holiday
    42. #home
    43. #hot
    44. #igers
    45. #inspiration
    46. #instacool
    47. #instadaily
    48. #instafood
    49. #instagood
    50. #instagram
    51. #instalike
    52. #instamood
    53. #instapic
    54. #iphoneonly
    55. #l4l
    56. #life
    57. #lifestyle
    58. #like4like
    59. #likeforlike
    60. #lol
    61. #london
    62. #love
    63. #makeup
    64. #me
    65. #model
    66. #motivation
    67. #music
    68. #nature
    69. #night
    70. #nofilter
    71. #nyc
    72. #ootd
    73. #party
    74. #photo
    75. #photography
    76. #photooftheday
    77. #picoftheday
    78. #pink
    79. #pretty
    80. #repost
    81. #sea
    82. #selfie
    83. #sky
    84. #smile
    85. #style
    86. #summer
    87. #sun
    88. #sunset
    89. #swag
    90. #tagsforlikes
    91. #tbt
    92. #tflers
    93. #travel
    94. #vsco
    95. #vscocam
    96. #wedding
    97. #work
    98. #workout
    99. #yummy
    100. #일상 (“everyday life”, “daily life” in korean)

Of course, this list applies to all niches and if some hashtags are relevant to your business, others will not be of any use due to the lack of connection with your occupation. This list is more like an example of what you can get if you use auxiliary tools. It is pretty simple and convenient, isn’t it?


Hashtags are a kind of catalyst for visibility and success because they provide an opportunity to draw attention to your content. Proper use of the correct hashtags will increase your social activity and help significantly expand the reach of your audience. Use the above tips and enjoy all the benefits that are available to each user interested in the active promotion of the brand.


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