How to Use Instagram for Business

How to Use Instagram for Business

Bradley Henris

Updated 29.01.2021

Are you looking for dynamic and organic ways to make your products seen by a larger audience? Are you new on the market and trying to grow your Instagram? Or, perhaps you are already an established company but are now trying to strengthen and enlarge your customer base for your brand? If your answer to any of these is a yes, then Instagram is the magic social media for you and your business.

Instagram is easily one of the best and most used social platforms of the day and several brands have benefited immensely by using it to build up their niche. Not only can you grow your consumer base with minimal monetary investments, but you will also be able to generate sales here, and take advantage of the Instagram app.

If you are wondering how this works, we are here to walk you through ways you can expand your brand, and make sure you get real shoppers through Instagram.

Let’s get started running the best practices on how to use Instagram for business.

Begin by Setting up Your Business Instagram Profile Right

Instagram offers several user-friendly tools for any Business Account. For utilizing these optimally, start by turning your Instagram account into a Business Profile.

Once you have converted your page, you will be able to personalize your Instagram business profile by adding several details that will be to the advantage of your business. Everything you need to know and do is to:

Fill in your Details

A Business account on Instagram social media lets you fulfill Instagram bio, add a phone number, an email address, and your business’s physical address. We advise that you complete this section of your business profile carefully.

Choose an Appropriate Profile Photo

Visual branding is important for building a strong Instagram following base. Use an image that your followers can immediately recognize and relate to, seeing you in the Instagram feed. You cannot go wrong if you set your profile image using one of the flowing options:

  • your company’s building,
  • the company logo,
  • the Logomark, which is the logo sans words.

These are not the only options, of course. Choose a photo you feel will help your followers recognize your brand and its products easily.

Use your Brand as Your Account Name

Your username is part of your brand building. This is what your account will be remembered by. Create a username that suits your products if you have not already picked one. Remember that potential flowers will be using this name to search for your account on Instagram social media.

Add your Website

Display the website you want to direct your consumer traffic to. The bio is the only place on Instagram where you can share a clickable link. Use this space to add a link to your Homepage, Selling page, or new products.

Create a Lasting First Impression with your Bio

Potential users are likely to decide on following you based on your bio. So, take your time to word it well. A good bio will make visitors scroll through your posts and may even make them click on the link you add here to your webpage/ website. Here are a few ideas on how to fill out your bio:

  • Keep it succinct, catchy, and easy if you want to use your brand’s slogan or pitch.
  • Put in key information about your brand like what it sells, how it started, and where it is currently operating from.

Use Hashtags and Geotags to Your Advantage

Instagram hashtags can grow your audience exponentially if you use them right. Research your product niche and select a few specific hashtags that enable description for your brand. Create your hashtags and do not be afraid to change your hashtag line-up if one does not work for you. Steer clear from hashtags that are too broad in their category.

If you enable this feature, you can also geotag your content and your business. This will help attract local customers to your brand.

Put yourself in Your Followers’ Shoes

Literally! The best way to determine what works for your fans is to imagine yourself as your intended follower. What do you expect this brand to deliver? What kind of posts would you like to see from this brand? How do you want the brand to communicate with you as a potential customer? All of this will help you anticipate fans’ activity as well as plan for back-ups in case your strategy of marketing is not yielding the desired results for you. Once you have your target audience figured out, it will be easier to plan your Instagram strategy.

Plan Your Instagram Content Well

Planning right is half the battle won when it comes to building your Instagram for business. You must be careful in selecting what you want to publish on your handle. Good Instagram posts planning involves keeping in mind the story you want to tell, the audience you are reaching out to, and the idea or product you want to sell.

Once you have determined your goal, it is time to fine-tune your content using consistent presentation and style. What fonts, colors, and filters you use for each Instagram post are going to determine how your followers perceives your brand.

  • Use Instagram Stories: A recently added feature, this lets you post content that vanishes after 24 hours. Even though they disappear from your history, audiences for Instagram Stories are ever-growing. Present powerful and memorable Stories that bring your business to life to attract potential real-time consumers to your Instagram account.
  • Go Live: Instagram allows you to add videos to your feed and also go live. It is a great way to connect in real-time with your permanent and potential customers. Use this feature to communicate with your fans. Show them what goes on behind the scenes and who creates the products you are selling. Host feeds on interesting topics that connect to your brand and its intended followers. This is one of the most promising tools for encouraging organic growth to your customer base.
  • Use IGTV: Another feature of Instagram that you can effectively use along with Instagram Stories to grow your business is IGTV. With its potential for longer videos, you can use it to post how-toss and narrate longer stories in connection to your business. You can edit and post these videos that play when you land on them on the feed.
  • Be Actively Responsive and Get Creative: Your ability to engage with your followers is part of your marketing strategy. Respond to comments. You can create a few automated responses to messages using Instagram’s built-in services. The ideal way of course is to provide individual responses. You could hire professionals to personally man the various aspects of your business account including this crucial responsibility. Responding indicates that you are available for your customer base and are willing to listen to what they have to say. This usually translates to positive word of mouth and encourages an organic build-up of your followers.

As you see, getting started to use Instagram for business doesn’t require too much effort to turn your Instagram account with its content into a successful and great social media sensation. Using Instagram, just make sure your Instagram posts contain attractive and interesting photos and videos, call to action messages, and don’t forget to use hashtags, best practices, and Instagram ads, rise your engagement, as well as share your phone number so that your online clients can easily contact you off-line

How to Promote your Instagram for Business on Social Media

Now that you are familiar with the basic features of Instagram that you can use to your advantage, devise a good strategy to build up your presence on the social platform.

Develop a Posting Strategy

How frequently will you be updating your profile with new content? Can you do it twice a day? Or will it suit your business better if you update your account twice a week? Ensure that you have a consistent activity plan. This will enable you to attract natural followers to your Instagram posts.

Use Professional High-Quality Photographs

Since selling your product is your end goal, make sure that you are presenting them in the most professional way possible. You do not need to hire photographers, but a polished and well-edited post can help you get started and build your fan base far more effectively than blurry poor lit photographs. Use a good phone camera or traditional camera to give your account the professional look it deserves. Also, post behind the scenes moments (for example, putting them into Instagram Stories), and use call to action phrases, which will take your Instagram post and content as a whole to a new level.

Build your Visual Style

Instagram operates mainly through a visual information-sharing system. Hence, you should concentrate on creating a strong visual brand identity on the platform. Simply put, visual branding is all about how your business looks and feels. Though this may sound difficult, some careful planning can save you much time and effort. Moreover, with several tools available on Instagram social media as well as elsewhere online, it is one of the more inexpensive sides to building your brand effectively. How do you do this? Here are a few steps:

  1. Think of what message you want to relay through your post and then craft the post accordingly.
  2. As you create your post, keep your target people in mind.
  3. Remember to stick to a consistent tone in your writing. The language you use in captioning the post as well as inside your post can draw followers towards as well as away from your content.
  4. Maintain consistency in your presentation-style. This includes choosing and sticking to a color scheme, font style, border style, and so on. The idea is to make your post immediately recognizable as yours in the feed. It will be to your advantage if you pay attention to detail in this matter. And the more detailed you can be here, the better.

Ensure Your Brand has a Strong Narrative

A good brand building exercise is akin to writing the best-selling story. Indeed, Instagram is primarily a visual platform, but while great photos are a strong crowd puller, they are not enough to retain the followers’ attention or even to grow it organically. It is hence important to pay attention to how the photographs add to your brand’s story. As you build content, include details like how your brand started, what values it abides by, and what struggles it has faced. Does your brand have a philosophy? Ask your people related questions to engage with them, and to know your fans better.

Be alert to how your presentation of yourself makes you unique in your product niche. The idea is to stand out and draw more followers to your account. Be specific in your narrative building. Your mission is to attract users that would be your clients. Attracting the wrong people can be detrimental to your business.

Showcase Your Products Efficiently

While using good quality photos and videos to display your ware is a must, you should remember that although images capture our attention, captions complete the marketing. Remember to be authentic in the message you put out to create powerful stories for your merchandise. Our team would like to share some ideas of captures for Instagram.

Use Influencers to Your Advantage

You can effectively use Instagram influencers as part of your marketing strategy. Simply put, influencers are trusted sources that endorse your brand by recommending your product or featuring you on their own posts. In other words, they advertise your ware for you and allow you to gather more followers. Partner up with a few relevant influencers to give your business a boost. It can be one of your best ways of leaving a great impression on potential buyers. Remember since this is a no one size fits all formula, choose micro-influencers or ones with larger personas in accordance with what suits your business. Your prime goal is to reach your target markets directly and at a fair price!

Organize Giveaways

Who does not love freebies? Engage your audience in contests and games with rewards. Host a giveaway with requirements like “tag your friends”, or “like and comment”.

These will help you climb up the Instagram algorithm charts and create more visibility for your brand. You will also be able to gain real followers in the process. You could build your own campaign hashtags for such contests.

Grow your Audience

The best approach to growing your audience is to start by knowing it. Ask questions in your posts, throw in a fun fact about yourself or company as a conversation starter. If you know what catches your audiences’ attention, you will be able to strategize on ways of growing your fan base more efficiently. Use demographic data, Instagram ads, conduct polls, and engage in social listening to build your audience. It’s not enough to market your products well. Make them reach your audience at the right time with the right presentation for the best results. Take care of the engagement, the content (photos, Instagram Stories, etc.) quality, reaching great results in your online marketing.

Can You Quicken the Process of Growing your Presence on Instagram?

Of course, you can! There are millions of businesses on Instagram today and each is vying for audience attention. Fortunately, there is an easy and safe shortcut to growing your Instagram audience. You can use paid services and buy Instagram followers.

This approach is safe as long as you shop prudently. The market is flooded with sellers promising the best services. However, not all of them are authentic. Fortunately, companies like Instagrowing can enable you to speed up collecting your followers and likes.

Once you have determined the credibility of the seller, using paid services to step up your brand building can actually be a good idea. Here are some advantages of buying Instagram likes and followers:

  • Increased Visibility: The more followers and likes your profile and your posts have, the more chances your account has to feature in the feed of Instagram users. This will direct real and organic followers to your account. Most users tend to trust an account with a strong number of followers. In other words, when people see you have a good number of followers already, they are less hesitant in choosing to follow you themselves.
  • Time-Effective: Following the same logic, it is also faster to gain natural likes for your posts if you already have a credible number of likes on them. In other words, the entire process of building and enlarging your audience speeds up if you purchase the services from a genuine seller.
  • You are More Likely to Makes Sales: With the existing likes and numbers of followers to strengthen your credibility, you are likely to attract more natural buyers to your website. If you are using Instagram to get your brand noticed by shoppers and collaborators, this is a great way to attract the right audience to your profile. You might even attract endorsements and influencer approvals!

If you are serious about building your brand on Instagram and are starting out with little or no followers, it can definitely be advantageous to jumpstart your social media presence with bought followers and likes.


Building up your brand on Instagram may be a daunting task, but if you break it down and tackle it step-by-step, it is a sure way to bring reputation as well as customers to your great business. As an entrepreneur, it is your job to check what actions and activities on your profile will generate the most lucrative engagement with the world for your business. At the same time, you need to be smart about what can get the algorithms behind Instagram to push your account into greater visibility online (take care of every post, making it interesting for other users). Now that you have your basics in place, go ahead, and create your niche on Instagram!

Bradley Henris

Written By: Bradley Henris

Digital Marketing Manager

Bradley Henris is a professional marketer who graduated from the University of Southern California and got a Certificate in Marketing. He has been working in digital media for more than 12 years. Bradley specializes in SMM, SEO, targeting, CRM, and Analytics. He has great experience of content writing about peculiarities of working with different digital channels, testing new targeting features, and personalized high-converting marketing messages. He is an independent expert in Digital Marketing. Writing helps him to develop the ability to consolidate the achieved knowledge. Bradley is passionate about digital marketing. It is not his job only, but a lifestyle.


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