How to Make Money on Instagram. 5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

How to Make Money on Instagram. 5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

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Updated 31.07.2018

Simple strategy that actually works

In the modern world, even being the Instagrammer, you can literally cash out the pictures that you put on your page. Moreover, looking at the popular personalities on Instagram you have already thought about how you can replenish their number.

Instagrammers as well as YouTubers, bloggers, and all people who are able to acquire a wide audience due to the published content have a certain influence and coverage. These two components are the main task of most companies.

In tandem, these two indicators allow Instagram owners to conduct research and find flows that will generate revenue. In this case, the goal they pursue does not have any influential meaning, whether it is additional earnings, just free materials or the desire to build a business.

You probably already asked yourself such questions as:

How do people make money on Instagram?

Is the income on Instagram different from the business we are familiar with?

Below we have gathered all the information you need, which not only reveals little secrets but also details of how to get paid on Instagram.

Instagram Power

Instagram, as well as it is necessary to all often used social sites, has risen on top of popularity and became an integral part of our life. Fans of Instagram can watch streams of photos and various visual offers for hours. Anyone can share the photo with a large Instagram community and get universal recognition with the right strategy. Good Instagram promotion is a great opportunity to ‘shoutout’ about yourself to the big audience.

Instagram has become a new subversive force in the electronic world of commerce. Moreover, from the usual social network for posting photos, it has grown into a real business platform. The most interesting thing about this is that everyone can achieve the desired result with its help. Now, it’s very easy to find sponsoring organizations and get millions of views every year.

How many followers do you need to make money?

Asking yourself the question of how many followers you need to have for your profile to shot, you hardly guess that in fact, everything is very simple.

There is no unequivocal answer to this question since all the boundaries of a clear number of followers are very blurred.

Here are a few important factors:

  • What niche is closest to you in spirit and how much really does it relate to certain categories of products, such as food, fitness, fashion, and beauty?
  • How active are your subscribers?
  • Which revenue channels do you prefer to use?

We all understand that the more subscribers you have, the better it is. Nevertheless, a large number of subscribers who do not show any activity, raise great doubts and their fake nature becomes obvious.


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Of course, top Instagrammers already have thousands of subscribers and likes, nevertheless, even with 1,000 active followers, it is a great start of making money.

How to make money on Instagram?

Taking into account the uniqueness of your content, audience, and activity on Instagram, there are several ways of how you can start earning:

    1. public sponsored posts for products or brands that want to reach your followers
    2. receive interest from sales of partner products
    3. engage in the sale of physical or digital goods of your own production
    4. provide paid services
    5. sell personal photos

The peculiarity of this platform is that you can use several methods at once because they are not mutually exclusive. So, you can really make money off on Instagram.

Beginning entrepreneurs and active users of different social networks are always in search of new methods on how to earn money. Indeed, in the modern world, everything is simple and possible. Anyway, the question of how can you make money on Instagram is still open. Therefore, below we will tell in more detail how you can earn on Instagram.

How to decide what to charge as an influencer?

From what kind of influencer deal is used – depends the format of the post, video or history on the Instagram. Also, the right of brands is preliminarily negotiated to use certain content in their announcements or on their website.

For the best possible preparation of these deals, it is necessary to conduct negotiations, which clearly indicate all the conditions. For example, such deals can include a one-time post or an entire strategy for business development. At the same time, payment can be in the form of:

      • a given free advertised product or service;
      • a gift;
      • fame;
      • a combination of the above options.


In order to understand approximately what you can expect to get from sponsored posts, about 5 thousand influential people were interviewed. Statistics showed that more than 40 percent reported that one post can cost about 200-400 US dollars. We hope that these approximate statistical data will help you during the negotiations and you will know what kind of cards you have.

Making a profit based on your influence is a painstaking process that requires special attention and time. You have to find a balance between the desires of your audience and the goals that the brands want to achieve. Picking the right strategy will reward you. The number of your followers will grow, the brands advertised by you will profit and expand the client base and you will get paid to post on Instagram.

Of course, that first you will be forced to learn from your mistakes and sort out strategies until you find the most suitable for you. Nevertheless, the result will be worth it. So do not waste too much time thinking, get to work on promoting your account as soon as possible.

Make Sponsored Posts

One of the most popular ways to earn on Instagram is to be an influencer who represents the products of a certain brand. In order to cooperate with brands, you need to acquire an active audience in a certain niche, which will attract the producers of goods.

You need to control the relevance of your content, periodically monetizing Instagram. Fresh interesting posts will help to achieve greater popularity, as well as attract brands. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that it is best to cooperate with those brands whose goods or services you like. The more sincerely and accurately you can describe the advantages of certain products, the more confidence you will get from your audience. In such a case, the brand you promote will be able to get its benefits. In order to know how much money you earn on this method, use the Instagram Sponsored Posts Money Calculator.

Having concluded a sponsorship deal with the brand, you need to think through and create a post containing a certain content, images or even videos. Your post should contain links to the brand. Nevertheless, everything should look natural and unobtrusive, as in another case you will not achieve the desired effect, but only will frighten off your audience. The more thoughtful strategy you will take, the more active your audience will eventually be and your posts sooner get paid.

Finding and getting Sponsors

In order to cooperate with sponsorship brands you need:

        • identify the brands with which you would like to work and which are close to you in spirit;
        • write a letter (clearly explaining why you should advertise) and send it by e-mail;
        • provide statistical data to prove the effectiveness of your account;
        • demonstrate examples of your posts and the manner of submission.

Also, you can try to cooperate with a specialized agency or platform through which you can connect with brands that are looking for the connection with authoritative Instagrammers.

The above resources use different methods of work. For example, some of them are engaged in the search for influential persons and invite them to cooperate with their platform. Other platforms prefer to compile lists of brands, applying some internal estimation algorithms. Also, there are platforms that accept applications directly from both authoritative individuals and brands.

Do Affiliate Marketing

You can try yourself as an affiliate. For this you need:

• to subscribe to the company of your interest;

• to advertise the company’s goods on your page.

In this case, your profit will be in the percentage received from each sale that is made through your account.
This is done using links or special pro-codes that are put into your posts. The Instagram system does not provide for inserting links into content, therefore, in such cases, you can advertise only one product in one post. When using promotional codes, you will be able to refer to partner accounts. Moreover, the number of pro-codes in one post is not limited, but you must remember that the post should look natively and be easily readable.


I love you bud! SLOBBER and all! #bjorntobewild #bjorninalaska #gopro #alaska @bjorninalaska

Публикация от Tim in Alaska (@timthetoothninja)

The company will provide you with a personal link as its affiliate. With its help, the company will monitor the traffic coming from your page and fix all sales, the interest from which you will receive. In this case, you should understand that you cannot insert a link for tracking sales to your posts. The link can only be used in the information department about you. Thus, you can work as an affiliate with only one partner-company, and promote only a certain product. Having installed an affiliate link in the header of your profile, you can post interesting photos with the description of the product and instructions that the link to go to the site and make a purchase is in your profile.

Here is a list of several companies that suggest affiliate products:

    • Amazon
    • Ebates
    • RewardStyle
    • ClickBank
    • Sharesale
    • Stylinity.

For affiliate marketing to successfully prove itself on Instagram, you should carefully select the products with which you are going to work. Be sure to consider the interests of your audience when choosing. This will help to avoid conflicts and non-acceptance of the advertised goods on the part of your followers.

Therefore, try:

• to avoid products that are out of the niche you occupy (for example, if you gathered a beauty audience, it is logical that your followers will not perceive the advertisement of a family car as well as if you advertised a cool and fashionable makeup);

• to select products that are popular among other affiliates (the more likes and reviews the product has – the better it is);

• to stick to the guide of your own desire;

• to advertise only those products that you would like to buy;

• to shorten the link given to you by means of special sites (for example, in order to make it more attractive and accurate.

In order to get more profit from affiliate business, you can contact other influential Instagram people who have at least 50 thousand subscribers, so that they can make ‘shoutouts’ for you.

Such influencers can be found on:

  • Shouts market
  • Plug Hype
  • Buy Sell Shoutouts

Promote Your Online Store or Other Business

If you already own a business or are going to open one, be sure to use the Instagram as a promotion element. It will be especially good for you if you work with products. An attractive photography with a competent text and hashtags can quickly assemble an audience and bring you profit. Instagram is an excellent platform for promoting such niches as beauty, food, and fashion.

On Instagram, you can post messages advertising your:

  • products,
  • services,
  • offers, decorating them with a beautiful and juicy photo.

However, use the 80/20 rule. In order not to scare off followers and expand your audience, do only one in five advertising posts. In another case, advertising will be annoying. Moreover, it is very important to gain confidence and recognition of the audience on Instagram. Therefore, when creating advertising posts, focus on the human side of your products or services. That is, show the backstage:

  • your happy customers with your products,
  • the results of using your products,
  • some of the processes of creating your products.

Such posts cause a keen interest and create a positive image of your brand.

If you sell things of a personal nature, you do not need to adapt to the posting strategy of a certain format, as the brand may require. Moreover, you can create your own unique brand. In doing so, be sure to concentrate on your followers. Your fans will necessarily fill up their ranks if they feel that you are offering products that are made with love. This is already a kind of art.

Instagram has well thought out the possibility of running a business account, which allows you to integrate your profile and personal site. You can easily use product tags that increase the effectiveness of the Profile program. For the most convenient and practical business account, you need to create a Facebook page and have an approved store there. All the processes are very simple.

Sell Your Photos

If you are a good photographer, sharing high-quality photos, then you can try to sell your works. Sale of photos is a pretty profitable occupation. Moreover, now there are a lot of drains that act as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer and charge a commission for their services. And with Instagram, you do not need to worry about that.

Your success in this business directly depends on your:

  • skills,
  • abilities,
  • the sense of style,
  • talent to make an original photo.


Nevertheless, try to make the most natural and vivid photos. The production photos are already more than enough, and everyone wants something ordinary original. Also, try to make your photos stretch vertically or horizontally. Avoid the square shape, so standard for Instagram.

In order to attract users and increase views, likes and your audience, grammatically use hashtags. With their help, users interested in your photos can easily find you. Having created an impressive portfolio, you can negotiate with various websites interested in such cooperation.

Use Instagram to Improve Your YouTube Income

just  like @sorelleamore

YouTube and Instagram are a one-of-a-kind combination for achieving good results. Both platforms are designed to display and work with graphic content. But unlike Instagram YouTube can boast a detailed system of awarding popular blogging channels. Instagram does not have a clear centralized monetization, so combining these two channels is an excellent option.

In this case, Instagram is great for:

  • promotion of trailers for video YouTube,
  • creating excitement in anticipation of seeing a full-scale project,
  • direct communication with the audience,
  • conversations about new ideas for future projects and videos.

@sorelleamore promoting her new video on Youtube

Build a Strong Following on Instagram

For the most effective earning on Instagram, we have gathered for you the newest trends and advice that should be adhered to:

    1. Decide on the type of Instagram profile. At the moment there are 2 types of Instagram accounts – business and personal.
    2. Optimize your account. Monetize Instagram, and select a username that does not exceed 30 characters. Try to be original, using a name that is easily accessible via a key. The name should also be consonant and similar to the one that is present on other social networks. Make a biography, which would fit into the framework of 150 characters. In the same field, you can attach an interactive link to your site. Rationally use your account.
    3. Integrate applications for online shopping. Instagram is not meant for doing business in the usual way. In order to earn in it, you need to use special applications that will provide the functions of electronic commerce. Choose the application you like and start earning. Such applications will allow your followers to feel your style and they will feel like they are on your page. In fact, they will view the application pages for easy shopping.
    4. Promote the original hashtag. Try to create your own unique hashtag associated with your name or the name of your business. It will allow you to quickly and easily track the activity in which your brand is mentioned. Also, you can actively use your personal hashtag on other social platforms. This will attract more attention and increase the reach of the audience.
    5. Use the optimal number of hashtags. The maximum number of hashtags that can be used in Instagram is 30. The most optimal and easily perceivable is the option to use 5-10 hashtag under the post. Of course, you can bet more than 20, but do not abuse it. Such a large number of hashtags can create a “blackhat”, or in other words “shadow ban”. This means that the Instagram system will not show your posts in the first issue number. In turn, this will prevent you from earning on Instagram.
    6. Take part in discussions related to your chosen niche. You can enter the same hashtags that you use and find the accounts of other users. Actively participate in various discussions. This will help to prove yourself and get new followers.
    7. Use attractive and interesting captions. The more soul you put in when writing a post, the more feedback you will get from users. Write texts that encourage followers to be more active and join your conversations. In Instagram, it is recommended to use the length of the title of 138-150 characters. In cases with advertising posts, try not to cross the line of 125 characters. Holding these tips will help achieve a better result.
    8. Periodically organize contests. Before launching a contest for users, carefully develop rules for conducting such events. It is very important to take into account and observe all the nuances. Specify in detail the terms of participation, the date and time of the end of the competition, the number of winners and the way they will be selected. For a more successful contest, use special hashtags and make clear and understandable photos. They must represent prizes and invite users to participate in your competition. For prizes, you can use not only things but also the ability of another user to start earning on Instagram. For example, in addition to the main prize, you can invite the winner to become part of the affiliate program.
    9. Make time for Live Videos and Instagram Stories. Video resources are also very important when promoting a profile on Instagram. Instagram Stories allow you to apply different styles, colorful texts, overlays and funny or cute filters, such as Snapchat. Do not be afraid to do something extraordinary, original or fun. Users like bright and stylish profiles on Instagram. Therefore, be a lively and interesting blogger.
    10. Regularly create new posts. Try to create the same design, which you will adhere to in all your posts. This includes applying the same filter for all photos, same-type quotes and other attributes that will visually identify you. Due to this, the recognition of your posts will be developed, as well as the brands with which you cooperate. In order for users to feel your Instagram presence, we advise you to post at least 1-2 times a day. Everyone wants a piece of new information. If you follow the frequency, you will be able to get users to practice your daily interest in your profile.
    11. Collaborate with other popular like-minded profiles. Find influential and popular like-minded people with whom you would like to cooperate. Offer mutually beneficial terms. It can be the exchange of links to each other’s accounts, the creation of an affiliate program with the subsequent payment of commissions or simply a one-time payment for PR. Advertising with the help of other people is a very effective method that allows you to get recognition from the audience of other influential Instagrammers.
    12. Use geotagging. When publishing posts, enable the location function and use the corresponding hashtags. With these simple tricks, other Instagram users will be able to find your account and your posts faster and easier.
    13. Create a unique, original visual style. Keep your Instagram account in the same style (use one filter, text design and personal features). If there are several accounts, make sure that each of them has its own attractive and special taste style. Try not to mix them.
    14. Engage users with your content. Write interesting posts in which you share personal experiences, encourage people to get involved in your posts. Valuable advice and interesting information are always popular. Make sure that your messages are mostly positive emotions.
    15. Advertise your Instagram profile. Paid advertising will give an opportunity to increase the number of followers and popularity of your account. Advertised posts are displayed in the tape relative to the interests of users, so you get the target audience. The average cost of advertising will cost you 0.7-1 US dollars.


Instagram can be an excellent source of additional or basic income. Nevertheless, for this, you will need to do several steps and follow a series of tips. First of all, you need to have an audience that will help you promote your account. Tough and diligent work with your audiences will bring you the desired result.

Usually, the earnings in Instagram grow out of the previously created account, which did not pursue any goal, except to make friends and other users happy with funny photos of their pets, share experiences of wild tourism, or simply show personal beautiful photos. Moreover, not even all users of Instagram with a large number of subscribers understand their influence and the ability to earn on Instagram. Nevertheless, everything can be changed quickly. And for this, you do not need to have thousands or millions of followers.

Instagram is a world of open and accessible opportunities that must be properly used. The Instagram audience is very flexible and pliable when finding the right levers of management. The exact strategy of how to create and feed the audience will open the door to new perspectives.

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