How to get verified on Instagram?

How to get verified on Instagram?

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Updated 04.01.2019

Instagram verification is a kind of recognition that all brands and companies want to be popular with and gain user confidence for. With this mark, your brand becomes as recognizable as possible since it already has a special status. Therefore, more and more companies are striving to get Instagram verification, thanks to which new opportunities open up.
Instagram verification demonstrates that your page is relevant, interesting and in high demand. Therefore, if you want to become unique, you need to think about verifying your account now. We will help you figure it out and show you what you need to do in order to get the desired verification.

What does it mean to be Instagram verified?

A validated Instagram says that your account is legitimate and you are the one who deserves instant trust and recognition. This is an indicator of importance, reassuring users that they can follow someone or something right in all senses.
Moreover, using this icon you can get rid of most of the competitors, standing out noticeably against their background. Instagram verification is not assigned to everyone. It is awarded on an individual basis after moderation. It is impossible to deceive the system and its algorithm since everything is very secure. In turn, it will make you even more unique.

verified instagram accounts

Most users simply do not know how to verify, which makes it so attractive. Agree, if everything was simple and everyone could get an Instagram verification, then it would not be so desired.

Why would you want to be verified on Instagram?

A small blue icon really opens up new opportunities for you, so you should think about how to get it if you have not yet come to this thought. Instagram verification will require your personal information, with which the system will be able to verify your identity and identify the real you. It may sound a bit strange, but it is necessary if you are really interested in receiving a number of advantages for your business.

  • Get verified on Instagram to build trust

People and brands that are popular on Instagram can suffer because someone else uses their photos to impersonate them. Even leaving a complaint against such profiles, you cannot be sure that there are no more such clone pages. Therefore, in order to preserve its uniqueness and gain user confidence, it is necessary to pass identification. This way you can get rid of the scammers who can hide behind your photos and get a confirmation of the system that your account is real, strengthening your social confidence.

  • Put Instagram links in Stories

Verified profiles were the very first to get the ability to use links in their Stories. These links can easily redirect users to anywhere, including your personal website, landing page, a blog and so on. Since there is no need to have a large number of followers to get verified, everyone has the opportunity to get additional benefits and increase their traffic. However, before using the link, check its functionality and ability to track user clicks. This way, you can collect statistics about who and where comes from. In turn, it will help you improve your strategy and promotion methods.

How to get verified on Instagram?

To complete Instagram verification, you will need to follow the next simple instructions:

1. Open the menu:

how-to-get verified-on-instagram-step-one
2. Go to the Settings:

instagram settings bar

4. Find “Request Confirmation” and click on it:

apply for Instagram conirmation step 3
5. Enter your full personal name (you will be given a line with the text “Submitting a request for verification does not guarantee that your account will be verified”).

6. Next, in a special field, upload a photo identifying your person. This can be a photo from a driver’s license (with the name and D.O.B) / passport (with the name and D.O.B) / national identity card (with the name and D.O.B) / utility bills or company charter.

In case you could not get Instagram verification in this way, there are other ways to increase your chances of success.

1. Actively promote your Instagram account on other social platforms

With this simple advice, you can get rid of any confusion and be able to attract the attention of even more users. Moreover, you can confirm your authenticity and underline your officiality by using the link to your Instagram page on other social networks where you have an account.

2. Share that you are on Instagram

Add a link on your Instagram account to your email signature or newsletter. The same goes for your blog. Thus, you can provide your customers with access to your Instagram account and get new followers who will come to you after viewing your blog. Also, do not forget about the strength of the offline communication tools that include your branded product packaging, advertising signs, and business cards.

3. Maintain brand aesthetics

Most large companies use the same color scheme and the same filters for all their photos on different social platforms. This creates a unique brand image and increases its visibility. As a result, your products and services have branding, which is one of the main indicators that your Instagram account is real, true and legitimate. You will be able to secure not only protection from fraudsters but also get the social recognition of your brand.

4. Make sure your Instagram name is identical to the username on other social networks

Here the same principle, which is described above, is traced. Visual and text branding is the key to your success, as it gives users the opportunity to find and recognize your brand regardless of the platform you are on.

5. Use the link to your personal website in Instagram profile

This is another simple way to confirm the authenticity of your account. However, try not to use links that lead to other social networks, because Instagram does not confirm profiles that contain links leading to other channels.

6. Create a beautiful and interesting biography

Here you should describe who you are and what you do clearly and concisely. Your bio should motivate users to show more interest in your publications, as well as contain a strong call to action.

7. Show your cooperation with verified accounts

If you are cooperating with a company or a brand that has already been confirmed, be sure to include this information. You can do this by adding its Instagram handle to your biography. This will increase your credibility.

8. Choose the original and attractive profile photo

If you have created an account for your brand, your profile photo should have the company’s logo. The ideal photo size that fits in is 320 x 320 pixels. Also, make sure your photo looks good in a circular format.

9. Resend the application

Even if you were denied for the first time, do not be afraid to resend the application. Only do this after you make sure that you have upgraded your account for all the above points and have been able to expand your audience. A retry may be more successful.


Verification provides an opportunity to highlight your account from other users, thereby, to rise above your competitors. Proper use of this function will open up many new opportunities for you, as well as help increase traffic and profits.
However, please note that this process requires a lot of attention and efforts. Therefore, before you get involved in this business, you should decide whether this is really a necessity. In any case, Instagram verification will demonstrate you as a reliable brand that deserves attention and trust. You, in turn, can strengthen your social presence and become more recognizable.


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