Easy Steps on How to Get Verified on Instagram

Easy Steps on How to Get Verified on Instagram

Bradley Henris

Updated 29.01.2021

There is nothing quite like getting that elusive blue Instagram verification badge on your Instagram account. It is a small but powerful symbol of popularity, trustworthiness, and influence. On the worldwide web, where it is very hard to differentiate between the real ones and the fake ones, an Instagram verified badge is a sure-fire way to make people believe that you are a notable person. Many Instagram accounts, especially celebrities, popular brands, and registered business pages, take advantage of being trustworthy, using a blue check. Becoming verified, no matter what account the user is running (for a person or business), is.

To apply for verification, a person should tap request verification for a blue badge, having an account with:

  • at least one post (the more – the better),
  • a photo ID,
  • no links to other social networks,
  • a high likelihood,
  • a full name;
  • a real profile picture,
  • a significant number of followers.

There is no more effective social proof than accounts with rights reserved and a verified badge. But there is a reason why very few people have Instagram verification. It is notoriously hard to get verified on Instagram, but we can show you how to get verified on Instagram.

Level Up Your Instagram Game with Verified Badge

First things first, before you even think about getting verified on Instagram, you have to make sure that the content that you are posting online is up to standard. Instagram app is a visual one, which means that the content you post has to be eye-catching, attractive, and helpful (you can use multiple news sources to create something incredible); otherwise, people will not engage with it. That is why you will find that some influencers, well-known brands, and public figures go as far as hiring entire teams to curate their feeds so that they can maximize their engagement on the Instagram platform. The good news is that you do not need to hire an entire team or get paid or promotional content to build a successful brand presence on Instagram. Just follow the steps that we have laid out below, and you should be well on your way to getting that verification badge. Here are the 6 easy steps you need to take to transform your Instagram page and attract new followers. Instagrowing’s team made these tips to help you and your Instagram profile be among verified accounts as soon as possible:

Step 1: Use High-Quality Images on Your Instagram Page

There is nothing worse than posting grainy, low-quality images on your Instagram profile. Instagram is a largely visual platform where users mostly engage with visual content. It will take a user only a fraction of a second to decide whether or not they want to become your followers. With such high stakes on the table, it would be better for you if you just put your best foot forward and post the highest quality images or videos that you can get. Remember, the better the quality – the more likely people are going to engage with your account.

Step 2: Engage Your Audience

It is not enough to just post great photos or create amazing reels – you also need to engage with your audience. The Instagram algorithm also measures levels of engagement and uses that data to decide which content gets pushed out to more people. If you want your page to show up on people explore pages, you need to start engaging with your followers, and your account must be featured in multiple news. You can easily do this by doing polls on your Instagram Stories or even asking your followers a question and suggesting that they post their answers on the comments section. You can get as creative as you want with this step.

Step 3: An Instagram Account Must Represent a Real Person or Brand

Nobody likes seeing generic motivational quotes on their feed or amazing pictures without context. Add some personality to your post through storytelling. This will give your followers some context and makes your account or brand more relatable. Relatability helps you create a unique bond with the people who engage with your content. Users prefer personal, or brand Instagram accounts that have a real personal touch behind the posts.

Step 4: Use Appropriate Hashtags

Love them or hate them, highly searched hashtags are a great way for you to get your content out in front of the right eyes. They not only make it easier for people to find what they are looking for, but if you use them correctly, they could help your post get more likes, which might also translate to more followers. Always remember to use relevant tags to elevate your posts. Do not bother putting a ton of hashtags in your captions just for the sake of it because it will do more harm than good, especially if you want to get a verified account.

Step 5: Create a Posting Schedule

Posts tend to work better when you publish them at a particular time. Owing to the fact that there is so much content going up on Instagram almost every second, the algorithm is more likely to push down your content as time passes.

Calendar psd created by rawpixel.com – www.freepik.com

 It is then advisable that you post your content when your audience is most likely to have time to see and engage with your Instagram brand or personal account. You can estimate this based on the type of content and the nature of your audience. You can even ask your Instagram followers when they would like you to post.

Step 6: Stay Relevant

Do your best to keep up with what is happening around you, and let your post reflect that as well. Make your posts newsworthy and topical so that your audience can engage with your Instagram account. The more relevant your content is, the more likely it is going to be shared by a large number of followers.

If you want to verify your account and get a blue check without any third party, always remember – one account per person or business!

How to Get Verified on Instagram

Now that your Instagram strategy has improved and you are using better images and engaging a little more with your audience, it is time for you to take a shot at getting verified. You not only have to have a pretty large following, but you also need to be able to meet some strict criteria. Below are some of the things you need to do in order to get verified on Instagram.

  1. Have a clean record on social media – You need to follow the app’s rules and regulations and adhere to their terms and conditions of use. You also need to follow the community guidelines to avoid any strikes on your account.
  2. Be your authentic self – This goes without saying but be the real you. Use your real name, and do not lie about your achievements or what you do. Part of receiving a verified badge is making sure that you are who you say you are.
  3. Be Significant – Have you received any significant awards or had articles written about you? If you have, then that is a great place to start when seeking Instagram verification. The more notable your work or actions are, the more likely you will get verified on Instagram.
  4. Make your account public – Instagram does not verify private accounts, so ensure that your account is open. Also, make sure that you only request verification for a single account. Instagram does not provide a blue check to multiple accounts with a single owner.
  5. Complete your bio (use a full name) – This step seems rather obvious, but it is often overlooked. An incomplete bio is never a good sign. So, to be on the safe side, it would be way better to fill up your bio and profile with relevant and accurate information before requesting verification on Instagram social media.
  6. Do not link your other social media pages – Although you can link to your website, Instagram does not take too kindly to you linking to other social media platforms. So just stick to Instagram and Facebook, and you get verified.
  7. Do not lie – Although it might be tempting to exaggerate your achievements or lie about who you are, doing those things is only going to hurt your chances of getting your Instagram verified. It is better to be yourself in this case since they are going to run some sort of background check on you before deciding whether or not they are going to verify your account.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Verified on Instagram Through Instagram Settings

If you want to earn that coveted blue badge, then all you have to do is follow these simple steps, and you will be well on your way to becoming verified.

  1. Go to your profile and click on the “hamburger icon” on the account’s top right corner.
  2. Head over to the “Settings” tab, click on “Account,” and tap account “Request Verification” option.
  3. Fill in the required information and hit the send button.
  4. Sit tight and wait for them to complete the review process.

It really is an easy verification process, but before you go ahead and make the request, you need to take into account the following factors:

  • If you are using your real name on Instagram, then make sure that it matches the one on your identification. If you are a business or a brand, then make sure that your name and information matches the name and information that is on your company’s letterhead.
  • For personal accounts, you should use the name that you are most known by, and this could be an alias, a stage name, or even your initials. It is also most likely that this is the name that appears in most publications about you.
  • When it comes to categorizing your page, you will need to choose the most suited category for your brand, which will be the most relevant. Do not try to fit in where you do not belong.

The Simplest Way to Get Instagram Verification

The process of getting verified on Instagram is notoriously hard and strangely secretive. No one really understands how it works, but one thing is for sure no one is getting that blue badge without having a significant number of followers. It does not really matter how many awards your brand has won or how many articles have been written about if very few people are actually following you on Instagram, then your chances of getting verified are very low. This is the part where it gets a little tricky because building a large enough following for you to become a notable person (among many other accounts) worth get verified on Instagram is not an easy job. It can actually take you years to reach that level, but there is a way for you to do it in an instant using a well-known helper – Instagrowing. This is a reliable company that will help you get a broad audience in no time at all.

Here are the three main reasons why this service is so wonderful:

  1. It saves you time – Growing an Instagram following is commendable, but it also takes a ridiculously long time to do. Even if you are taking all the right steps, it might still be a couple of years before you see any significant growth.
  2. It saves you energy – The level of consistency that you will require to build a significant following on Instagram will be equal to having a full-time job without pay. You will use so much energy without any guarantee of success, but you are assured that a large following is just one click away with this service.
  3. It saves you money – It goes without saying that time and energy in this day and age is worth money. So do not waste your money on something that might not work out in the end; instead, invest that budget in yourself by using Instagrowing to get instant followers on your Instagram account.

The blue badge is like a modern-day medal of honor. It causes people to trust you and your brand and give you the respect you deserve. It is one of the best ways to socially proof your brand and cements your presence on Instagram. Verification mode allows you to confidently share your thoughts and ideas with the world and also makes it possible for them to take your word for it. It is important that you take all the steps necessary to get your Instagram brand or personal account verified if you want to succeed on this social media. Now is a perfect time for you to stand out and get your Instagram verified.

Bradley Henris

Written By: Bradley Henris

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Bradley Henris is a professional marketer who graduated from the University of Southern California and got a Certificate in Marketing. He has been working in digital media for more than 12 years. Bradley specializes in SMM, SEO, targeting, CRM, and Analytics. He has great experience of content writing about peculiarities of working with different digital channels, testing new targeting features, and personalized high-converting marketing messages. He is an independent expert in Digital Marketing. Writing helps him to develop the ability to consolidate the achieved knowledge. Bradley is passionate about digital marketing. It is not his job only, but a lifestyle.


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