How to Get Free Instagram Views

How to Get Free Instagram Views

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Updated 29.12.2018

Instagram views are one of the main elements of a successful account. The more views your videos collect, the more users will follow you. Therefore, when shaping a promotion strategy, it is necessary to take into account methods for increasing the number of views, as well as their main attributes, with the help of which your videos will be unique, attractive and interesting.

Basic features of Instagram video

Starting a more detailed discussion of the process of promoting videos, you need to pay attention to certain points related to the video itself. One of the main innovations on the platform is the increase in the duration of the video. If before users could upload only 15 seconds long videos, now they have the ability to shoot videos up to 60 seconds. The 15-second limit was due to the 6-second video length on Twitter, which offered the Vine video service. Since Twitter no longer provides this feature, Instagram no longer needs to hold the limit as a competitor. Instagram has no goal to compete with either Facebook or YouTube, so 60 seconds of video is enough. Moreover, it is 4 times more than it was before.

In addition, creating videos, you need to keep in mind that they are subject to the same requirements as the photo publications. That is, the video will be square. Despite this, you can try to use the necessary aspect ratio, but remember that widescreen video will not work well. Technical characteristics of the video also have their own characteristics. You will be limited to 60FPS junkies, using h.264 and MP4 format.

In general, Instagram videos do not have anything strange or unusual. The only thing that can please you is the ability to download videos in vertical format. You need to concentrate more on the attractiveness and uniqueness of the content than on its form, and everything will be fine. Well, having dealt with certain features, it is time to move on to useful recommendations that will help you draw more attention to your video content and increase user participation.

Choose the correct hashtags

Instagram refers to the social networks that are most dependent on hashtags. The majority of users prefer to employ hashtags to search for interesting content. It is quite simple, practical and convenient. Hashtags provide quick access to publications that use these hashtags and fall under the search topic. Thus, Instagram users can update new content without spending a lot of time on it. Therefore, if you want to get more views, comments, likes, and new followers be sure to use hashtags.

For the most appropriate selection of hashtags that will help you attract more users, you need to know what categories hashtags exist and in what cases certain hashtags are best used:

  • Branded – hashtags that are directly related to the brand. This can be either the brand name itself or the name of the current advertising campaign.
  • Narrowly-profiled – hashtags that are connected with what you are showing on the video, what technique was used for shooting, what filters were used on the video, and so on. Such hashtags describe everything that participated in the video as accurately as possible. They can be very specific and completely uncharacteristic for all the rest of your publications. Here you can use hashtags that are popular with your target audience.
  • General – hashtags that have a high frequency of use and are very popular among a large audience. These are general hashtags, characterizing generalized concepts and categories.
  • Location hashtags are those that describe the location of your brand or the area in which the video was filmed.

It is best to use several or all categories at once if your video fits all the above descriptions.

Be sure to note that:

  • Branded hashtags must be used reasonably. Also, pay attention to the fact that their main task is to help users find like-minded people, be aware of new products or services. Such hashtags are more aimed at those who already know about the brand and use it. However, users who will put your branded hashtag in their publications will attract the attention of their followers to your brand.
  • Narrowly-profiled hashtags should make up the bulk of your hashtags. They are something in between rare and frequently used hashtags. They will give the opportunity to gather the target audience.
  • General hashtags are great for attracting short-term attention. This is due to the fact that a large number of users put these hashtags, which is why publications are replaced by new ones and very quickly go down.
  • Location hashtags also play an important role, as they will help to attract the attention of users located in your region. If you own a physical store of your brand, then such hashtags must be used. Users will be able to independently come to you and “touch” your products.

To ensure that hashtags were as efficient as possible, you need to:

  • make the right choice,
  • use them correctly.

Starting the process of selecting hashtags, it is recommended to create a table in which you will enter data such as the hashtag itself, the category to which it belongs, and the number of times it is used. Thus, you will need to create a table with three columns.

In the table, you will gradually add those hashtags that are most suitable for you and most impressed. Also, in addition to the above three indicators, you can create a fourth column. You will enter adjacent hashtags in it. For example, you select a word or a word combination, enter it into the search, and the system offers you about a dozen similar hashtags based on the one you entered. With it, you will enjoy a wider selection.

Of course, this is a very painstaking and tedious process; nevertheless, it is very important. Below you will find tips on how to speed up the process and make it more efficient.

  • Think about your content. How to describe it better. Which category it belongs to. What words can best describe it? So, focus on your ideas and check them out.
  • Study your competitors. Look at what hashtags they often use. This will help you decide what is better to use and what is not. In this case, your hashtags will always be relevant and competitive.
  • Consider trends. Trend content is a very good source for finding popular hashtags. However, do not get carried away with it, because tendencies tend to change constantly. Therefore, using this advice, from time to time, check modern trends, so as not to be left out.
  • Use assistive tools. There are a large number of different tools, which will help you find and analyze a particular hashtag. It is a very simple way that will save your time considerably. Such programs will help make the selection of related and relevant hashtags, as well as provide an opportunity to make a selection of commonly used hashtags in a particular region.

Before using any particular hashtag, it is recommended to check it for use by others. You need to make sure that the selected hashtag is not someone’s branded hashtag, which is actively used by a company for advertising. Of course, you can use it. This is nothing terrible or illegal but you can get into a stupid or funny situation. In this case, the hashtag you rely on will not bring you the desired result.

The actual use of hashtags begins immediately after you have sampled and compiled a table. Everything is very simple and logical here. Depending on the content and purpose of your video, you need to choose the right combination of hashtags.

Therefore, you can use several:

  • common hashtags that are great for your niche;
  • location hashtags, if they are appropriate;
  • branded hashtags that will help keep your audience’s interest in your brand, or those that reflect your current advertising campaign;
  • narrow-profiled hashtags, which will describe your video content in more details.

The optimal number of hashtags. It is recommended to use at least 11 hashtags. The maximum number allowed is 30 hashtags. If you can use all 30, then it is better to do so. This way you are more likely to get users’ attention. More attention means more views.

When using hashtags try to keep a balance – you should not use hashtag splitting, which makes the link meaningless. You should also avoid too narrow hashtags that few people use when searching.

Be sure to pay attention that it is impossible to outwit hashtag traffic by replacing old hashtags with newer ones. The system works in such a way that even when replacing hashtags on a post that you published earlier, you will not be able to lift it up. Your post will take the same place that it occupied with the old hashtags; it will only fall into another category. If you think you can restart your content in this way, then, unfortunately, this is not possible.

Create a worthwhile description

The description of your publication is also important. The users who were offered your content will most likely want to read the description before they start watching. Therefore, you should create the most effective description that motivates users to continue viewing your content.

The description is written in ordinary text, without the use of tags. It should be clear, accessible and interesting. Easy to read text is exactly what you need to write.

Description of any publication, whether it be photos and videos, has a limit of 2200 characters. This number includes the description text, marked users and hashtags. However, please note that usually Instagram displays only the first 120-140 characters. Normally, the system cuts off the displayed text by words, not by characters.

The total number of characters is more than enough, but the text shown is relatively small. Therefore, try to accommodate the most important and eye-catching in the first two sentences. Take your time, think about what could interest and catch your audience. Perhaps this will be some question, which your video gives an answer to. Show your creativity and create something curious and motivating to view.

Avoid the banal description of what the viewer sees on the video. Why watch what you just read about? Also, do not make the description too long (so that the user does not get tired of reading). On the other hand, the description in the form of a single word or an emoji also is not the best option.

Your description should be clear and concise. To achieve the best effect, your description can be intertwined with your video. For example, you can begin to describe the background of the video creation, as well as why you chose this particular subject. Try to make the description alive and colorful. This way you will stir up the interest of the audience, and they will have nothing left but to watch your video.

Other important moments

Besides the main ways of increasing the number of your video views, there are additional options. With proper use and combining with hashtags and descriptions, you can achieve even greater results.

  • Use references to influential individuals. When creating a video in which you use other brands or content of influential people, be sure to make the appropriate mark. It is best to place a reference between the main text and hashtags. It should be concise and simple. Such a marketing move will expand the reach of the audience. Generally speaking, the mention of an influential brand or user is an additional hashtag. With it, your content will become more visible. So, why do not use this opportunity?
  • Stick to a specific posting schedule. To obtain the maximum users’ return, it is necessary to post publications periodically in the most active user hours. To determine the exact time interval your target audience shows the highest activity, you can use an analytical approach. Carefully analyze when users are more likely to leave comments, put likes and view your videos. Thus, you will know their peak time and get high activity, greater visibility of your content, as well as a significant surge of traffic.
  • Create attractive and high-quality content. Try to make each publication special and inviting. The quality of your content should come first for you. If a user gets to your account and while watching a video, he or she thinks that you have neglected the quality, most likely your casual visitor will not want to stay with you anymore. Therefore, do not strive for quantity, but strive for quality. This is your main path to success. Do not expect that when you create one cool, unique and high-quality video, you can constantly keep the attention of the audience. Try to keep the bar high, each time, even more, surprising your followers and motivating your new visitors to continue to follow your account.

Considering all the above-mentioned tips, remember that your description should focus on the essence of your content as accurately as possible. Each part and each element is crucial for your continued success. Use wisely all the recommendations and you will see how the number of your views and the whole users’ activity will increase significantly on your account.

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