7 strategies to get more likes on Instagram

7 strategies to get more likes on Instagram

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Updated 22.05.2018

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How can you get more likes?

So, you take your best photo, edited it using some filters, and even tossed some money behind it to guarantee a lot of eyes landed on it. However, you aren’t getting any likes!

Indeed, maybe you got the sympathy like or two, yet the general engagement rate of your Instagram post is weak. This is an exhausting time where you may question why you have chosen Instagram as your main social platform in any case.

Fortunately, we have a couple of tricks for you today to get free likes on your Instagram posts:

  • Step 1. Focus on your photos
  • Step 2. Use the right hashtags
  • Step 3. Share Instagram Stories
  • Step 4. Do the Boomerang
  • Step 5. Go Live!
  • Step 6. Be active
  • Step 7. Post at the right time


This may appear like an easy decision, yet you’d be astonished what number of people doesn’t do it. You don’t require a DSLR camera worth a few thousand dollars to make an incredible Instagram post; however, you want to make sure at any rate that your lighting is great and everything is in the center. We would prescribe no less than a cutting-edge cell phone in the event that you need to take some awesome shots. Awesome photographs are normally more stylishly satisfying – and that implies more likes.

Unique Captions or Quotivational

Trust it or not, you can change the impression of your photograph by changing an option that is other than your photograph. The caption that you incorporate with your photograph can include funniness, profundity, and genuineness. The quotivational as a picture itself is additionally an amazingly well-known organization inside numerous social media platforms, and all things considered: Many of these clever asides really give valuable data that people can use in their everyday lives.

Arrange Unique Objects

People adore realness in their Instagram. In case that you can arrange things that are essential to you in your life remarkably, then you must have the nuts and bolts of an incredible picture. For instance, probably the most famous pictures in the Instagram profile of an ambiguous music maker might be the photograph of how he or she sets up the studio.

Timeliness in the Photos

A standout amongst the best approaches to make an awesome photo for Instagram is to date it, yet not in the way that you might think. This is quite a fragile art since you are attempting to attach a photograph to a famous popular culture occasion while still holding its value for future guests.

Regardless of what you are taking a photo of, you will have the capacity to gather a bigger group of onlookers in the present by tying the photograph in with a current occasion in the news. This could be through the caption, through the incorporation of a superstar or by essentially taking a photo of a coordinated occasion, as on account of a vacation photograph.

Keeping up the importance of the photograph beyond its underlying interest implies making an incentive for the group of viewers beyond that moment. Maybe you can incorporate something in the photograph that addresses a bigger narrative. You might have the capacity to take such a clever picture or make such an amusing caption that you hold a group of people that way. You may likewise take such an extraordinary looking picture that users normally incline toward it.

Relatability and Authenticity

The main characteristic of the most liked Instagram photographs is their capacity to relate to its group of onlookers. In a perfect world, the group of onlookers should need to include itself in the life that you put forward in the photos. The more that you could make people need to take an interest in your life, the more likable your photographs become. Supermodels take photographs of themselves on lovely boats encompassed by clear, blue water for a reason. Voyagers locate the hidden locations around the world to share with the gathering of people to draw attention into their own lives. Regardless, organize the photos and the videos that evoke a reaction from you – these will likely be the photos and videos that inspire a similar reaction from your followers and help you get more like on your posts.


Hashtags are exceptionally valuable in making your photos on Instagram more discoverable and expanding the range and engagement on your profile. The equation is basic; upload the post, incorporate significant hashtags in the caption and let Instagram wrap up. Guaranteed you hashtagged accurately you should see an increase in the engagement on your post which results in more likes.  You should likewise observe your followers will grow as well, as normally the ones that like your content will be quick to follow your profile.

So the key question emerges, which is the best hashtags to use? Indeed, picking the privilege hashtag truly relies upon the content.

Hashtag Research:

To expand your profile visibility you’ll need to discover the best hashtags available to identify your post. And there’re special tools and apps out there to enable you to discover hashtags, such as RiteTag, Hashtagify or Displaypurposes.com. These tools are awesome to test out the quality of a hashtag and different hashtags that are comparative. Different strategies we suggest are physically discovering content from different accounts that are performing admirably, and test the hashtags they are utilizing.

Experimentation is significant dependably attempt new hashtags as well as perceive how they act upon for you. The top hashtags will drive the engagement straight away as well as get you more likes on your Instagram post. The extra time you will end up pooling mutually a rundown of hashtags that you observe to be best, make sure to spare this brilliant rundown in your notes someplace and frequently refresh with the new hashtags that you find.

Hashtag Limits

When you are looking for the best hashtags for likes, it is important to remember about hashtags limit. Instagram uphold a hashtag utmost of 30 for every post. This barrier is set up to guarantee that content on Instagram stays applicable, and to enable their platform to maintain a strategic distance from spam.

Instagram hashtags limit might manage the choices for applying hashtags. In case you are using the generator to find the engaging hashtags, similar to the ones said above, you will likely get a generic arrangement of thirty hashtags. Although, you might discover that there’re considerably more significant hashtags for the specific posts. Don’t hesitate to use the Instagram hashtags which you consider will be more profitable for attracting more engagement and likes for your content — you are familiar with your business and audience best.

Don’t do like this

Schedule Your Hashtags

Since you have the best photography hashtags to grow the Instagram account, planning the hashtags is the following best advance. Scheduling could make posting on the Instagram a lot more effective, giving you more opportunity to get out there and make. The best practice we prescribe is to spare a duplicate of your most used hashtags onto a writing pad for simplicity of copying as well as pasting, then plan your posts for the week or the month coming at the same time. Scheduling the Instagram posts is a successful technique to boost the exposure on Instagram as well as lift the engagement levels.

Post Instagram Stories Frequently

https://vimeo.com/177180549 (official Instagram presentation)

What do the Instagram stories need to carry out with expanding your engagement? This Snapchat like element enables the brands to post the video or picture that goes on for 1 day or 24 hours. And keeping in mind that Instagram Stories might not be straightforwardly associated with the advertisement, numerous Instagram clients have detailed that the stories help increment their image engagement on the Instagram.

Stories on Instagram are additionally simply one more approach to expand the quality on the platform, so attempt at expanding the quantity of the stories that you share or even attempt running the Instagram story promotion to perceive how the engagement analyzes to other advertisement formats.

The other real advantage of Stories is that this element enables the brand to be included on Instagram’s Explore page where the users go to discover new posts and content. Instagram picks the accounts to be highlighted on the explore page in view of the accounts you are already following as well as the posts you connect with. To get highlighted on the explore page you obviously need to make more super-captivating Instagram Stories.

Ensure the Story has Faces in it

People like the images of other people. Such a great amount, in reality, that photographs that have at least one face have a 35% increase in the likes, as per a social media researcher. So regardless of what a number of pictures you need to toss in of your flower garden or your dog or the espresso drink, make certain you hurl in one selfie. The community will run to the page to gaze at your perfect mug, as well as that incorporates your stories.

Utilize Light and Color to your Advantage

The Instagram images and posts that are richer and brighter in grays, greens, and blues have been found to do well to super immersed posts that are loaded with yellows, oranges and pinks. Keep the story radiant and lively, and everyone’s eyes will be on your story and brand.

Explore filters and stickers

There is a range of stickers as well as filters implanted in the application that you can look over. Face filters utilize the enlarged reality to apply fun impacts to faces that it identifies. Stickers enable you to include the location, hashtags, the day of the week, surveys, fun word writings, and emoticons once you take your video or picture. Stickers are intuitive, so once a watcher taps on the active sticker, such as geolocation, they will be coordinated to a page demonstrating any related posts and stories to that location.


Other social media types are frequently more captivating as compared to other photographs when you are taking a look at the swarmed Instagram feed. The first of these media types is known as a video feature. Posting a video highlighting something like a “how-to” of one of your items, a sneak look at an up and coming item, or some other type of engaging content idea could be a substantially more energizing media piece as compared to a straightforward photograph. Ensure the video doesn’t depend on its sound – numerous users browse their Instagram feed in locations where tuning in to sound isn’t possible.


https://vimeo.com/143161189 (official Instagram presentation)

Boomerang is the content sort that lies somewhere between a video and a GIF – it’s a short video that plays advances and afterward in reverse. Posting a Boomerang is another extraordinary method gets likes and comments from your followers. Ensure it is something energizing – a Boomerang with brisk and sensational development is the most engaging kind.

Instagram Live

Like the Facebook, Instagram has launched its live platform to enable the people to live stream. One engaging approach to utilize the Instagram Live is to have a question and answer where your fans and followers could ask you questions about your business, products and brands. Post about the question and answer in the days paving the way to it so your followers know about it – in case you don’t know people will show up, implying that there will be a prize or discount given away during the live stream can help in supporting the live viewers.

Activity and engaging

Activity and engaging are also important factors to get likes from your followers. Without activity and engagement with your content and posts, you want to get more likes as people won’t be able to view your posts if they are not in their news feed.

Run a Giveaway or Contest with a Known Partner
Running any giveaway or contest on the social media most likely isn’t a new idea to you. Challenges are extraordinary compared to other approaches to up the post engagement since all people love getting free stuff. In case you are putting forth a month’s supply a free tropical get-away or of free wine, people will effortlessly like, repost or even share the content only for the opportunity to win.

In any case, is the exertion of sorting out and running the Instagram competition worth the arrival in the event that you just have a couple of followers? This is the place joining forces with the business that has officially developed a major following will supercharge your challenge endeavors and really pick up your Instagram promotions likes as well as the account followers.

Here are few tips to host the contests:

  • Like to win contests. The users can be qualified bill for the challenge by just enjoying the Instagram photo contest.
  • Hashtag user-generated content contests. The users can share their own photograph by including a contest focused hashtag to the photograph to be qualified.
  • Tag 2 to 3 friends to win the contest. The user can be qualified by tagging a few of their Instagram followers and friends in the comment area of the photo contest.
  • Make the product a giveaway. In case that your goal is to promote the brand then make sure that your creation is the prize.
  • Use a contest specific hashtag. Make sure to utilize a hashtag while facilitating a contest with the goal that the users know that a particular hashtag is identified with your challenge.

Make sure the Audience is Targeted

Like Facebook, Instagram enables assemble an exceptionally focused on a group of viewers for the promotion campaigns. There’re a few division alternatives including location, social, economics, age, interests, practices, custom crowds, lookalike, associations, and the rundown goes on.

Numerous promoters might breeze over this choice, leaving their followers excessively wide and promoting such a large number of unessential people being presented with the brand. Others might overuse their capacity to stick point a crowd of people as well as a layer on too many users focusing on alternatives, offering you a small end audience. So how would you hit the ideal balance?

Fortunately, while designing the Instagram advertisement campaign through the promotion platform like Facebook there’s a helpful guide that enables you to check whether your followers and audience are excessively broad or particular. You should intend to be in the center of green zone to hit only the appropriate measure of relevant users.

Post at high-traffic times.

Sharing a post when a large number of your followers are on Instagram builds the possibility that they will see it, in this manner expanding the shot they will like it. This has a compounding impact, as the Instagram’s feed is not any more ordered – having a photograph that has a high number of cooperations improves the likelihood that it will appear on your other followers’ feed, which results in more likes on your post.


So, if you’ll follow these simple steps, likes on your Instagram posts will grow each day. So if you want to explode on Instagram, follow these seven strategies. Not one, not two, but all of them. And if you’re unsure of what to do, just leave a comment below, and we’ll walk you through it, step by step.

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