6-step Strategy to get more followers on Instagram

6-step Strategy to get more followers on Instagram

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Updated 03.05.2018

All we need is followers

Today people and brand are competing for Instagram users attention to be seen, followed and loved. Our team gathered all useful and working tips for getting followers on Instagram.

Here is the six-step strategy to increasing instafollowers

  • Step 1. Design uncommon Profile
  • Step 2. Use hashtags
  • Step 3. Mark Your Location
  • Step 4. It’s all about communication!
  • Step 5. Don’t forget about photo
  • Step 6. Share Instagram Stories and live videos

And unless you follow these six steps, you’re not going to get the followers. Of course, you can buy them. We all know there’s always an alternate way you can try and nobody will blame you.

Our video: how To Get Free Instagram Followers

In another way, you can grow the followers that will really engaging and growing your personal or commercial brand and cultivate a friendly and active community of subscribers.

Step 1. Design uncommon Profile:

Your profile is the first thing that others user see and foundation of presentation the personality on Instagram.  And a well-crafted one needs to develop the high-quality audience. All things considered, who will click follow button on a profile that is incomplete, unappealing or inadequate?

Instagram profile incorporates your name, username, site, and bio.

  • Name: Up to 30 characters, and comfort to find in the Instagram search, so you may wish to incorporate a keyword.
  • Username: Make it the same as in the other social channels you use. This will make more it simple for the followers on different platforms to find you on the Instagram.
  • Website: The main place on Instagram where you can incorporate an interactive link.
  • Bio: 150 characters to pass on the brand image and show new guests why they ought to follow you. Here are few tips how you can complete your bio and attract more followers on Instagram.
  1. Customize your Instagram profile:

Customize the Instagram profile to influence it to look great, tell the potential followers about your identity, and give them a reason to follow you.

How? Begin by ensuring your username is unmistakable and effectively accessible – like the business name. In case that your business name is taken then try at keeping the business name as the initial part of the username with the goal that individuals hunting down the business will probably go over you.

  1. Make your profile Public:

Next, ensure that your profile is open anyone can view it. To make your profile public, open the Instagram app, click on “options,” and ensure “Private Account” option is turned off.

  1. Use relevant profile picture:

Next, pick a profile picture that is on-mark with the other informal organizations, similar to the organization’s logo.

  1. Fill Your Bio:

Fill your bio with noteworthy and useful data about you. Info like this tell people what you are about and divide among other users. Incorporate the identity and what you do, make sure to include a trace of identity and people naturally will be interesting to you.

Then, add a link to the bio to make it simple to go straight from Instagram to your site in case that somebody needs to. The space apportioned for URLs is valuable land since it’s the place inside Instagram where you can put an interactive link, so utilize it admirably.

  1. Enable Notifications:

At last, turn on the notifications so that you can see when people offer or remark on the photographs. This will give you a chance to connect with them more rapidly. To enable the notifications, go to “options” and afterward “Push Notification Settings.” Select “From Everyone” for each category.

Step 2. Use hashtags

Hashtags give Instagram users opportunity to find the accounts they want to follow and the content they are looking for. The right hashtag or the blend right of hashtags will open the content to extensive and focused audiences. By making it more discoverable on the Instagram, you have a superior possibility of getting more likes, drawing in new followers, and expanding the engagement. Undoubtedly, posts with one hashtag have less engagement and likes compared to the ones without the hashtag, as indicated by a study. On the other hand to many hashtags can be harmful too.

This will make the posts on Instagram much more discoverable to the people who are hunting down for the content that is related to the brand, theme or the industry.

Do and Don’ts of Using Hashtags

Before using the hashtags to gain more followers, ensure you know all the DOs and DON’Ts of using the hashtags on Instagram.

  • DO
  1. Find and research what is popular:

To find the popular and trending hashtags that are related to the service, product or industry on Instagram use the search.
For example, you can try free services such as https://displaypurposes.com/ which is show you what hashtags are related and popular on Instagram at the moment.

  1. Create unique hashtags:

Think of your own hashtags that will inspire the audience of people to share the photographs that are related to your activity and brand. Try not to think that this applies to the market specialty? Female cleanliness brand always made a powerful battle with #LikeAGirl. The marked hashtag urged young ladies to utilize this normally offensive expression to display the best of what they could do. The outcome was in excess of 4 billion impressions over all the networks in just two months.

  • DON’T
  1. Go overboard:

Utilizing an excessive number of hashtags could be diverting for the group of followers and weaken the brand’s message. It could likewise come as being frantic, or more awful.

  1. Use hashtag tricks:

Using the hashtags, for example, #tagsforlikes, #likeforlike, or #followme might give you a transitory lift in the number of followers. However, they will probably be the spammers or the individuals just keen on being followed back. What’s more, that won’t enable you to create an important communication and engaged in a thematic community on the Instagram. Rather, use the hashtags that are particular to your item, brand or business.

 Step 3. Mark Your Location

In the event that your business has a physical location, try to tag your photographs with that location and urge the clients to do likewise. Clients would then be able to tap on that location and see all photographs posted from your store, eatery, or office. This can help uncover your brand to more users.

Step 4. It’s all about communication!

Communicating with your audience is very important on Instagram and it plays a huge role in increasing engagement with your Instagram followers. 

  1. Tell stories with the posts:

Nothing captivates a crowd of people like a decent story. It’s our essential source of diversion. We read books, stream TV programs and watch films since everyone like romantic tales.

Stories might come in numerous structures, extensive and little. A video or photo can recount a story. A continuous story can occur over a succession of posts. That is the reason Instagram is an ideal storytelling platform.

Suppose your business allows capable ladies to succeed. A picture of a lady exhibiting her gifts can recount a motivational story in itself. You could additionally grow it with the caption that gives a little background info about her battles in life.

  1. Make a call to action:

Now and again you could complete things by guiding your followers. An insightfully put the suggestion to take action can enable you to expand the reach by using the followers to support the content.

To outline this, suppose you make a post with the relatable picture. You might advise the followers to “tag a companion!” That will prompt more clients finding your account.

  1. Have meaningful relations with others:

Regardless of whether you are using a mechanization instrument, you must still set aside the opportunity to hold discussions with followers. This will guarantee them that there’s a human on the opposite side. Don’t hesitate to mingle, joke around and leave customized remarks on other user’s posts.

  1. Compose compelling captions:

In spite of the fact that Instagram is a visual platform, your captions assume a major part of expanding engagement, consequently helping you get more followers. Here are some key procedures to remember:

  • Put the most imperative words: Captions in the user’s supports cut off after a couple of lines of content, so pass on the most and convincing data appropriate off the best.
  • Ask a question: This makes it simple for your crowd to leave a remark. Furthermore, that engagement will help make the account noticeable to more people.

Photographs and videos may be the most critical piece of your Instagram posts; however, captions ought to never be the afterthought. They are a basic piece of the Instagram post – what tops off an already good thing, maybe. Reliably extraordinary captions could do wonders for adapting your brand, winning upon the followers, and making your content more shareable – in this way giving you much more exposure.

Step 5. Don’t forget about photo

In case that you look at the most famous Instagram accounts, you will see a typical subject. The greater parts of their photographs are something the vast majority can identify with and associate with. They are personal, one of a kind, and unique. By sharing these sorts of photographs, you are setting up an association with your followers and audience, which is a perfectly awesome approach to pull in users to your account.

To put it simply, ensure the Instagram account is original and authentic. Consider sharing in the behind the scene photographs of the office, the procedure that goes into making the item, or organization party photographs. That is the means by which you will interface with different clients.

Instagram is about pictures; that is the whole premise it was based on.

It’s insufficient to simply capture a photograph, include a good caption with some hashtags and call it great — nuh-uh.

There are huge amounts of online software and tools and additionally cell phone and tablet applications to enable you to make pictures that emerge.

  1. Behind The Scenes Photographs

It’s not about the completed outcome; it’s additionally about the innovative procedure! Your followers will welcome a look at the inventive journey; funny out-takes as well as messy office included. It influences the image of the brand to become relatable, and as we know, individuals purchase from individuals!

  1. Item Shot with Social Proof

Post a photograph of one of your items being used, and include a comment of the testimonial from the client that why they like the product to such an extent!

We familiar that a few people don’t care for offering their work specifically on Instagram, however with the right balanced story – it’s an extraordinary chance to tell your clients about the items as well as services!

Always remember, these subjects aren’t simply images to post on Instagram, you could likewise be using these for what to post on the Instagram Stories!

  1. Develop a unique, identifiable style of taking pictures:

Instagram is a famous social media platform based on the visual content. It’s the essential reason that clients go there. In the event that you can’t convey here, then you don’t have a shot at increasing quite a bit of following.

Style and frame are what eventually resound with the followers. Users usually are attracted to the profiles with an individual style.

  1. Try different things with examples and shapes to make an exceptional design:

The way that the Instagram support is laid out in a framework makes it awesome for making uniform patterns. The checkerboard format is very well known but could be made in different ways.

Step 6. Share Instagram Stories and live videos

Instagram has dependably offered the chance to post wonderful photographs to represent the brand. But, with the presentation of fleeting Instagram Stories, brands could likewise share on-the-fly, off camera looks for the day that might not be as cleaned as polished photographs, but rather give the brand greater identity on Instagram. A look at the Snapchat’s blast in popularity exhibits that the social media clients are obviously reacting positively to fleeting the videos and photo sharing. The Instagram Stories allow the brands engage the clients in various approaches to develop the brand appeal and loyalty.

Video: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bh6RwLDgADP/

Instagram Stories likewise gives clients a chance to share the live videos, a different content configuration that is ended up being massively famous on the other social sites. Is unique thing about the live videos on the Instagram? They will disappear when the clients quit recording. This legitimate, bi-directional experience gives the brand a chance to share unscripted, the raw moments with the audience to join human components into the social media that is highly polished and edited in its conventional use.

  1. Posting time and frequency are important!

When you attract some new followers, how might you keep their interest to keep following you? One of the least demanding courses is to post important and amazing photographs on the consistent basis; mostly a couple of photographs per day are okay. In case that you’ve many pictures to share, spread them consistently. In case that you flood the feed of the followers, you won’t just have the individuals unfollow you, the Instagram account won’t be as engaging to the new followers.

In case that you need to beat the algorithm of Instagram in 2018, scheduling the Instagram posts for when the most of the followers are online is super essential.

Not exclusively does Instagram algorithm cares about how much engagement the Instagram post is getting, it additionally cares about how rapidly you acquire that engagement.

In the event that the post gets millions of likes as well as comments not long after it is posted then this signals to the Instagram algorithm that your post on Instagram is good content and then the Instagram algorithm will display that post to more of the followers that are following your account.

By discovering your personal best time to post on Instagram account, you could use the Instagram algorithm for your good and get more followers and likes.

Here are few general rules that you can follow about best times to post on your Instagram account:

  • Post for the most active time zone: you might be situated in LA, however in the event that the majority of the followers are in the New York then you ought to post with EST time zone in your mind. In case that you have followers in the UK as well as in North America then you might find that posting the images at the “odd” times in your time zone really perform fine for you, since it is 8:00 am in London.
  • Post more frequently during the off-work hours as opposed to during daytime: for the most part, the best circumstances to post on the Instagram are noon that is from 11 am to 1 pm and nighttimes from 7 pm to Instead of posting while you are in your work area, plan Instagram posts during the work days so that you don’t need to stress over it during the free time!
  • Save important posts for the weekdays: The distinctions are slight, yet normal Instagram engagement shifts relying on the day. As indicated by some studies and research, Wednesdays & Thursdays tend to drive more engagement, whereas Sundays drive minimum engagement on the posts.

How Often Should You Post On Instagram?

Boosting the engagement on Instagram is turning to be more troublesome because of changes in the Instagram algorithm. In any case, the platform rewards accounts that post quality content and that get high engagement with a higher reach.

In the event that you are a B2B business, we suggest posting on Instagram no less than 3 to 5 times each week. Regardless of whether you’re posting in the background or group pictures, distributing business experiences, or starting the discussions, posting the content and images consistently is important.

On Social Media platform, timing is everything. It brings about higher engagements and better discussions about the brand and business when done at the right time and in right frequency.


So, if you’ll follow these six strategies, your Instagram following is going to grow each day rapidly. You’ll have a beautiful account with dozen active followers.
So if you want to explode on Instagram, follow these six steps. Not one, not two, but all of them. And if you’re unsure of what to do, just leave a comment below, and we’ll walk you through it, step by step.

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